Targeted Leaflet Distribution

Targeted leaflet distribution does exactly what it says – reaches your chosen population sector with your promotional items, achieving cost effective, bespoke advertising for your business. The most up to date figures from research carried out by the Direct Marketing Association show that 17.7 million people made a purchase after receiving a mail order catalogue in the last 12 months.

Surrey, one of the richest parts of Great Britain, offers many opportunities for direct marketing for businesses of all sizes. With a population of more than one million people across its eleven boroughs and districts, Surrey is one of the UK’s most densely populated counties. Its proximity to London makes the county a popular choice for commuters, giving scope for hand to hand leaflet drops as well as the more traditional door to door leaflet distribution.

With its university town of Guildford, the aviation industry in Farnborough and more organisation and company headquarters than any other county in the UK, Surrey’s population is diverse and affluent. With a strategic programme of targeted leaflet distribution, the county could offer your business a rich opportunity to raise brand awareness and increase sales.

In order to accommodate businesses of all sizes and with contrasting marketing requirements, we offer a range of specialized leaflet distribution services:

Solus Distribution

Solus campaigns are the Rolls Royce of leaflet distribution. This delivery option is completely bespoke, and your leaflets, flyers and other promotional materials are delivered as single items to your exact, specific instructions. You can choose the time, date, geographical location and type of distribution, either door to door or hand to hand leaflet drops, to give your business the maximum possible exposure in your carefully selected target market.

Shared Distribution

With shared leaflet distribution, you will receive the same high standard of professional targeted marketing, but in order to cater for a limited budget, your leaflets will be delivered with no more than two other, non-competitive items. These campaigns are scheduled in advance to give you plenty of opportunity to carefully plan your leaflet distribution campaigns throughout the year. This is an excellent option for smaller companies, or those who want to keep marketing costs to a minimum.

Commercial Distribution

In Surrey, there are many commercial centres, railway and bus stations where your leaflets could be put directly into the hands of potential customers. This is particularly beneficial in locations close to the point of sale and when offers are time sensitive, for example on the High Street close to your business location, or when you want to attract new customers with a ‘Today only!’ special offer for instant results.

Pick Up Points (Leaflet Dispensers)

Leaflet dispensers can offer a good opportunity for people to view your literature and browse your offers at their leisure. This represents an effective low-cost option to give your company more exposure, especially when your leaflets and flyers are placed prominently in areas where footfall is high.

Our Additional Services

Building on our direct marketing experience and our local knowledge of Surrey’s boroughs, we are able to offer a wide range of additional services, to give you an exceptional, comprehensive business service to extend your reach into the county’s population:

Market Research and Data Capture

Market research is an important part of any marketing plan, and enables you to fine tune your advertising to produce the best results. Our experienced teams will carry out research on your behalf and to your requirements, to connect with consumers in particular geographical locations, pinpointing specific demographics if required. In doing so, we will capture valuable consumer data for you to utilize going forward.

Publicity Stunts and National Tours

Do you want to make a splash and really get your business noticed? Talk to us about publicity stunts, carried out at commercial centres, transport hubs or tourist attractions, which will grab the attention of many thousands of consumers and visitors to the area. Make your business a real talking point, and give customers a reason to remember your brand. We can facilitate high impact publicity stunts at multiple locations throughout the UK for maximum exposure.

Field Marketing

Field marketing is an excellent option when you want to get to the heart of your market to offer samples, information about your company or organisation, via face to face contact with our experienced teams. Our staff will be fully briefed on your company, current offers, the reason and objective for your field marketing, and will be the face of your business for the duration of your campaign. Staff can wear your company uniforms and caps, and carry bags with your logos to saturate the area with your branding.

Mascots and Costumed Characters

Everyone loves a mascot – you only have to look at the success of football team and charity mascots to realize that a character gives an organisation a personality that is easy to recognize and which elicits a positive response. We can provide a wide range of mascot costumes and staff to wear them to give an extra element to your commercial distribution that will attract plenty of attention.

If you would like more information on any of our services, or advice on which option would be the most beneficial for your company, call us today and let one of our consultants guide you through the process. Whatever the size of your company, we are confident that we have the solution to all of your direct marketing needs.

Much of our business comes from referrals and repeat campaigns by satisfied customers. Read what they have to say here Testmonials.

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