Market Research and Data Capture

Our comprehensive marketing remit also includes market research and data capture services to ensure that your business strategy is based on the right customer information. Gaining further knowledge about your market sector can really help you to make key decisions with a greater level of confidence.

Data Capture Basildon Market Research

Data Capture at Any Location

The data capture process can be carried out at any preferred location, whether this is a shopping centre, between a number of different sites or across a specific geographical area within the capital. This approach ensures the information gathered can be used effectively, giving you a better idea of the current market and your customers’ purchasing habits.

Social Media Marketing

With social media now playing such a huge role in people’s lives, it is becoming paramount for businesses to consider their influence in this area. No matter what products or services you are promoting, it is necessary to have an online presence and interact with your customers. To this end, Surrey Distributions can take care of your social marketing activities and find out what your customers actually think about what they buy.


Data Capture

Experienced Market

Research Staff

When you come to Surrey Distributions for your market research needs, you can be sure that only experienced researchers will be deployed to collect this vital information on your behalf. Whatever your precise requirements in this field, speak to us today and we will go through a tailor-made strategy which produces results.

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