Mascots and Costumed Characters

When deployed in the right situation, mascots and costumed characters have been shown to increase brand awareness and really raise the profile of a company. A mascot would be a great way to reach your target market, giving your business presence at an event or carefully chosen location. Get in touch with us today about how they can be used to attract attention to your brand.

Mascots and Costumed Characters Costumed Characters Basildon

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Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are great at representing the face of your business, while generating interest in your products and services at a promotional event or in a public setting. Through this form of marketing, the professionals at Surrey Distributions will be able to interact with your potential customers, creating a positive perception of your brand.

Brand Ambassadors

High Calibre

Promotion Teams

Surrey Distributions has high calibre promotion teams at the ready, primed to take on your marketing campaign. Whatever form of promotion you are looking to have carried out, to raise the awareness of your brand, we have the resources to supply what you need and ensure it has every chance of being a resounding success.

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